Summer Skiing at Timberline:  2017/2018 Ski Test

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Summer Skiing at Timberline: 2017/2018 Ski Test

 Even though the weather didn't cooperate for us to test all the skis we brought with us this last weekend, we had a chance to ski on a few pair of our 2017/2018 collection from our partners Renoun, Lusti and VIST.  Here are our thoughts on the skis we tested:

Renoun Z-Line (174cm, 77mm waist tested)

What makes this ski different?  In a few words, Renoun uses a non-Newtonian polymer placed strategically in its full-length wood core that allows the ski to adapt to conditions and the way you ski. Skiing easy in powder? The skis will be soft and forgiving.  Charging at Mach Chicken speeds on hard snow?  The Renoun will stiffen and reduce vibration creating a chatter-free ride.

This ski comes in two widths (77mm and 90mm) with traditional camber construction, full-length wood core, and their HDT polymer technology.

We're not rocket scientists like the guys at Renoun, so all we can say is that it works!  We skied on this ski early in the day when the snow was its hardest.  The more we pushed the skis, the more they responded.  We absolutely loved their solid feel at high speeds.

Who should buy this ski?

Because of its unique performance characteristics, the Renoun would be a great ski for nearly any advanced to expert skier. We felt the ski was most comfortable making medium to longer radius turns, offering excellent grip and stability, especially as speed increases.

If you are someone looking for an "all mountain, all conditions" ski, you can't go wrong with a Renoun!

 VIST Revolution (166cm length tested)

A ski with a very radical sidecut (132-66-96) that is designed to allow a skier to make virtually any type of turn on nearly all conditions short of deep snow, the VIST Evolution hits the mark.

The ski comes in two lengths (166cm and 174cm), as well as a carbon version. They feature full-length wood cores, fiberglass, nano high-speed base and racing edges.

We found the ski adept at making both short- and medium-radius turns, offering really good grip and response.  The ski initiates turns easily and skis very well at both lower and higher speeds.

Who should buy this ski?

With its narrow waist, the ski is best suited for an advanced to expert skier who loves to ski a variety of turn shapes on groomed terrain and occasionally ventures into off-piste conditions.

Plus, you'll have a ski that will be a real conversation starter on the chairlift!

 VIST Italia (170cm length tested)

A strikingly beautiful ski with classic Italian colors, the VIST Italia is a carving / all mountain ski designed for all around performance.

This 71mm-waisted ski comes in 3 lengths (162cm, 170cm, 178cm) and is built with a full-length wood core, Titanal layers, ABS sidewalls and racing base and edges.

This ski performs as well as it looks, with snappy performance in shorter radius turns and a stable ride with excellent grip as we transitioned to higher speeds and longer radius turns.

Who should buy this ski?

With its narrower waist and excellent grip, this ski would be an excellent choice for an advanced to expert skier who prefers to ski primarily on piste, yet wants a ski versatile to ski the entire mountain and varied conditions.  

Consider yourself a "technical" skier or an instructor, perhaps?  If so, the Italia would be the perfect ski to master your technical skills.

 LUSTI PC74 (171cm length tested)

Lusti's PC series comes in three distinct flavors underfoot (71mm, 74mm, 77mm) with excellent performance and value across the line.  We tested the 74mm-waisted version.

The PC 74 comes in 4 lengths (164cm, 171cm, 178cm, 185cm) and combines a full-length wood core, 2 Titanal layers, fiberglass and racing base in a ski that offers excellent all mountain performance.

We found the PC 74 to be particularly suitable for skiing on harder snow offering excellent grip and stability.  At the same time, we were pleasantly surprised at the ski's ability to initiate turns when we slowed our speed down. The PC 74 was equally adept at performing short and medium-radius turns, showing excellent versatility.

Who should buy this ski?

Like the VIST Italia, the PC 74 is a great ski for a skier who skis primarily on piste and likes to ski on harder snow and likes to make medium to long-radius turns at a variety of speeds. 

The beauty of the PC line is its versatility: if you're looking for more short-turn performance, try the PC 71.  If you want a slightly wider ski that can bust through crud and yet still perform on piste, try the PC 77.

You can't go wrong with any of the Lusti PC series!

Ready to buy?

All of these skis will be available for preorder and/or sale in the next couple of weeks.  Come back soon!


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