Blossom FIS SL


FIS-compliant World Cup slalom ski for the most-demanding racers


During the late season and summer, stock is limited and subject to availability. To place an order, you can either call us at 888-725-4150, send us an email, or use our contact form by clicking here.


When you're a racer needing to lose those last few hundredths of seconds, having the right equipment can make the difference, and the Blossom FIS SL should be your choice.

Hand-built by master craftsmen in their factory in Italy, the FIS SL meets all FIS requirements. With its World Cup wood-core sandwich construction and superior materials, this ski offers the grip, stability and quickness both racers and expert skiers demand.

Like all Blossoms, the ski is built with premium materials featuring:

  • Full-length wood-core, sandwich construction
  • Fiberglass layers
  • 2 Titanal layers
  • ABS sidewalls
  • High-quality racing base

The ski is available in the following lengths: 155 cm, 165 cm

With this ski, you'll be ready to win!

Squadra Corse Collection


For maximum performance, you need a race-ready binding that offers the ultimate in retention and control. Blossom offers a color-matched VIST WC Revolution Plate | V816 Binding that will optimize the performance of your FIS SL, particularly on the course and very hard snow conditions.

Other VIST binding systems are compatible with this ski include the VIST Speedlock Intra Plate | V614 Binding and the VIST Speedlock Pro Light | V614 Binding.


Obviously, this ski is designed for handling the exceptionally difficult conditions found on the World Cup. As such, it is a great choice for ski racers across the board. The ski is fast, has tremendous power and quickness, and provides exceptional grip.

This is an ideal ski for any racer and expert who loves to making shorter-radius turns on hard snow. Not for the timid, however!