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Lusti LP 72

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A high-performance ski specifically designed for women skiers


Lusti skis are in limited supply; however, we place orders with the factory on a weekly basis with shipping made direct to you. Delivery times may vary and are subject to product availability.

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LP 72

This ski has been specifically designed for women and smaller men looking for a carving ski with all mountain capability. The Lusti LP 72 offers a great combination of performance and versatility.

Hand-built using premium materials, this ski provides excellent grip, fantastic grip and stability provided by a single Titanal layer and a flex pattern that is suitable for skiing all terrain. With dimensions of 119-72-102, the ski produces a 13.4 meter radius in the 157 cm length.

Like all Lusti's, the ski is built with premium materials featuring:

  • Full-length wood-core, sandwich construction
  • Fiberglass layers
  • Single Titanal layer
  • ABS sidewalls
  • High-quality racing base

The ski is available in the following lengths: 143 cm, 150 cm, 157 and 164 cm as well as in 2 color schemes.

For those skiers looking for a less aggressive version of this ski, the LL72, which offers the same construction as the LP72 without a Titanal layer, is available by special order. 

Have fun!


As a ski designed specifically designed for women and smaller men, we suggest a lighter weight binding like the VIST Speedspacer and VSS 412 binding system would be a great choice. This binding is GripWalk compatible and provides a great combination of performance and value. 

Due to supplier agreements, bindings may only be purchased when combined with the purchase of a related pair of skis. 


A lot of women and smaller men tend to buy skis that, in our opinion, are simply too wide and too stiff, making it difficult to ski well. This ski solves that problem, offering excellent performance with dimensions and flex that make skiing fun. If you find yourself struggling, this ski will help.