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Lusti RC GS 70

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Non-FIS giant slalom ski perfect for racing, groomed conditions


Lusti skis are in limited supply; however, we place orders with the factory on a weekly basis with shipping made direct to you. Delivery times may vary and are subject to product availability.

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RC GS 70

If you are a skier who likes making GS-style turns and loves skiing fast, then the Lusti RC GS 70 is worthy of your consideration.

Hand-built using premium materials, this ski is built in the modern non-FIS style, combining with slightly more shape and a wider waist for versatility with the grip and stability you would expect from a racing ski. In the 170 cm length and dimensions of 114-79-99, the ski produces a turn with a 17.8 meter radius.

Like all Lusti's, the ski is built with premium materials featuring:

  • Full-length wood-core, sandwich construction
  • Fiberglass layers
  • 2 Titanal layers
  • ABS sidewalls
  • High-quality racing base

The ski is available in the following lengths: 165 cm, 170 cm, 175 cm, 180 and 185 cm

Get ready for fun!


As a high performance ski, we recommend getting an binding with a plate to enhance your ability to put the ski on edge, and the VIST Speedlock Pro Light with VPA 412 bindings is a perfect choice.

Due to supplier agreements, bindings may only be purchased when combined with the purchase of a related pair of skis. 


This ski is ideal for Masters racers, race coaches, instructors and advanced skiers who prefer skiing on groomed terrain and making medium to longer-radius turns.

At the same time, its shape and flex pattern makes it a versatile ski that will let you ski the entire mountain and enjoy your day without wearing you out!