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Lusti RC SL 68

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Non-FIS slalom ski perfect for racing and groomed snow conditions


Lusti skis are in limited supply; however, we place orders with the factory on a weekly basis with shipping made direct to you. Delivery times may vary and are subject to product availability.

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If you are an advanced skier who loves making short-radius turns, then the Lusti RC SL 68 would be a great choice.

Hand-built using premium materials, this ski combines a modern non-FIS shape and slightly wider waist for versatility with race-bred construction to provide superior grip and stability. With dimensions of 122-68-104, the ski creates beautiful 13.2 meter radius turns.

Like all Lusti's, the ski is built with premium materials featuring:

  • Full-length wood-core, sandwich construction
  • Fiberglass layers
  • 2 Titanal layers
  • ABS sidewalls
  • High-quality racing base

The ski is available in the following lengths: 150 cm, 155 cm, 160 cm, 165 and 170 cm

Have fun!


As a high performance ski, we recommend getting an binding with a plate to enhance your ability to put the ski on edge, and the VIST Speedlock Pro Light with VPA 412 bindings is a perfect choice.

If you plan on using this ski for Masters or recreational racing and need a binding with higher DIN settings, let us know.


This ski is ideal for Masters racers, race coaches, instructors and advanced skiers who prefer skiing on groomed terrain and making short to medium-radius turns. At the same time, its modern sidecut provides exceptional versatility that can let you ski in bumps and crud with authority.