Lusti PC 74


High-performance ski for all conditions and terrain


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PC 74

This ski embodies what people are looking for in a one-quiver ski: the ability to make turns of all sizes, grip and stability on groomed terrain, and versatility to ski anywhere. One of the Lusti Performance Carve collection, the Lusti PC 74 is a great choice for almost any advanced skier.

Hand-built using premium materials, this ski will provide a smooth ride for all day skiing, yet will respond when you put on the gas. With dimensions of 122-74-105, the ski produces a 17.2 meter radius in the 175 cm length.

Like all Lusti's, the ski is built with premium materials featuring:

  • Full-length wood-core, sandwich construction
  • Fiberglass layers
  • 2 Titanal layers
  • ABS sidewalls
  • High-quality racing base

The ski is available in the following lengths: 164 cm, 171 cm, 178 and 185 cm

Have fun!


To put these skis on a higher edge angle, we suggest pairing this ski with the VIST Speedlock Pro Superlight plate and VPA 412 binding system. If you prefer a more gentle ride and better off piste performance, you should look at the VIST Speedcom plate and VSP 412 binding system.


For those of you old enough to remember, we liken this ski to the "Combi" ski of years past, or those high performance skis that were neither slalom or giant slalom skis, but combined the best characteristics of both. You can stand on the middle of this ski and let it do the work and make long-radius turns with ease, or push the ski and make short radius turns. It is a versatile ski for skiers who like to ski on all types of terrain and conditions.